Welcome to Superior Powder Coating Inc. We are a quality custom state of the art powder coating shop located in Arlington Washington. Whether you visit us on the Web or in our shop, please feel free to browse and let us know if you require assistance or have any questions!

At Superior Powder Coating Inc we take pride in offering only the highest quality finishes to our customers. All our preparation and coating is done by hand -- not machine -- so that we are able to pay close attention to every detail. We also offer a complete sand blasting shop.

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Powder coating is the application of pigment to the surface of a ferrous and/or non-ferrous metal. An example of powder coating is most likely right in front of you. Did you guess what it is? Itís your computer case. Thatís right Ė your computerís case has been powder coated. Iíll bet that the finish has none of the chips or flaking that you can get with paints. Thatís because the pigment has been baked at up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, bonding the pigment to the metal. The pigment is sprayed onto the surface as a dry powder Ė hence the name powder coating. Once the application of the pigment to all of the items that are to be coated is complete, they are then placed into a kiln for baking. Since a dry powder is being used, there is no sagging or dripping of the pigment that can occur with paint.